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Idaho River Side Elopement || Sam + Trav || April 2020

"Time means nothing. Jeremy Bearimy, baby. We'll just get through this. And then you and I can chill out in the dot of the “i” forever." Chidi, The Good Place.

April 2020. We'd been locked down for a little over a month. Time was going by so strangely. I had begun to re-watch The Good Place for the thousandth time. The year had abruptly gone from "Beyonce'" to "toilet full of broccoli." (<- That's another Good Place reference. I can't stop friends, I'm sorry. And watch the show if you haven't yet. It's high quality stuff. 10 bonus points to any couple who books me and can quote this show with me.) Sam contacted me to let me know that she and the love of her life had decided to elope. Would I be her flower girl/ maid of honor/ photographer / witness?

Of course.

So, like any scientifically minded rational adult (flower girl/ maid of honor/ photographer / witness) during a pandemic, I gathered up some zoom lenses, gadgets, masks, hand sanitizer, and a vintage glass box full of crystals to head out with. Science, guys.

The day came, and we trekked out to 3 layer park in American Falls. Because of this day, this unique little park will always give me such a warm glow inside. Happiest memories.

Sam + Trav's elopement will always be one of my favorite weddings of all time. Their love is so honest and pure. It is beautiful. They are so kind and real. The day was about them, I love that.

I have known and loved Sam since we were very young. She's been in our ride or die girl tribe, whether she wanted to be or not. Her not-that-much-elder sister and I are forever besties, and as a result Sam got pulled into an awful lot of our shenanigans. I offer no apologies nor admit fault to anything during that time. Love you always Sam! Trav and the kiddos too. So. Much. With a heart overflowing with joy, I present to you the highlights of the elopement of the new Mr. & Mrs. Jeremy Bearimy. Uh, I mean Samantha + Travis.

Also, some folks occasionally ask about our technical stuff. So I made you a list.

Dress: Lulus

Suit: Laneige

Crystal hair comb: Brooke Colling

Cameras: Nikon D850 and Nikon D750

Lenses: Vintage Nikon 24-85mm, Nikon 125mm, Nikon 70-200, Nikon 35mm

Gadgets for that flared-light filmy goodness: Fractal Filters lens crystals, copper tube, shiny cell phone screen (for real.)

Officiant: Gina Liftawi Dietz

Location: American Falls Dam, Idaho

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