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Chantal + Jaden Engagement

Updated: Aug 6, 2019

The future Mr. + Mrs. Chevalier won their engagement session at a bridal fair! We started their session in the studio, getting the lovebirds a little bit acquainted with the camera (and the weirdness that is loving your significant other in front of a camera with a stranger.) They were absolute pros though, and the way they interact is so genuine it needs no words.

We hoped to find some green grass and trees, so we headed to the golf course during its off season. We had such a good laugh about how WET the ground was, and they rocked their time together in spite of having squelching shoes.

We had just wrapped up in the light drizzle and gotten to Old Town for some urban shots...

And then Mother Nature had an idea. She had a terrible, awful idea. She opened up those skies and just drenched us with sleet! It was AWFUL! Walrus + Carpenter Books was kind enough to let us crash their shop for a moment, and we ended with a warm cuddle at Bru House coffee shop. Thank you to these wonderful businesses for being our shelter!

CONGRATULATIONS Chantal + Jaden. You two are amazing!

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