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Wedding Show Schlepping

Here we are. Bridal show season. I’m there. You’re there. We make awkward eye contact across the room. You wonder if I’m going to be like those pushy people at the mall that sell you lotion from the dead sea, and ceramic hair straighteners. I wonder if you were the person who called to see where our booth would be… and I wondered if it was so you could dodge us. I hoped not... I get it. This is awkward. This is crowded. This is loud. This is more than a little overwhelming. We are one of many booths that want your attention and your business.

So. Why should you stop? And how do you survive this madness?

First: Why us? Well, first of all we have a super comfy couch. I went there. I love that velvet couch. It’s been dubbed my “couch child” and even my 4-year-old tells everyone to make sure they don’t get their shoes on it. Come take a load off. Set your bags down and look at some albums. We pride ourselves on having a LOT of images for you to look at. No pressure. We only take 15 weddings per year to ensure the absolute best customer service. We hug our clients. We help you plan your wedding ,and even have exclusive discounts locked in for you with our preferred vendors. Ready to book? Great. Our show specials are the best prices of the year. No booking regrets. Ever.

Second: How the flippity-flap are you expected to survive these shows? Well, like we said we hug our clients. So here’s a handy bridal show survival guide as our digital hug. First: the list.

  • Pre-register

  • Do your research

  • Map it out

  • Make a separate email address

  • Create mailing labels

  • Bring a big bag

  • Remember your credit card/checkbook

  • Bring your notebook/calendar

  • Bring your squad

  • Wear your walking shoes

  • Bring your own food & drinks

PRE-REGISTER: Register as far in advance as possible to ensure that you don’t miss any deals. Many vendors- ourselves included- have their lowest prices of the year exclusively at the show.

DO YOUR RESEARCH: If you love a vendor, come ready to book them. Skip the map and beeline yourself to that booth. I can’t tell you how many people we’ve LOVED meeting, but we were just booked on their date by a couple just before them. It’s brutal.

MAP IT OUT: If you are all set for say dresses or cake, make your visits to those booths less of a priority. Pick your top needs and put the vendor you love at the very top of that list.

MAKE A SEPARATE EMAIL ADDRESS: You’re going to be getting a lot of emails. We love to send offers to our couples even after the show! We aren’t alone. If you don’t want your email blowing up at work, it’s wise to create a wedding-only email address.

CREATE MAILING LABELS: Print your own sheets of mailing labels with your information on them. Include your name, your fiancee’s name, your wedding date, your email address, and your mailing address. It’s a lot easier to enter contests and fill out vendor contact forms if it’s as simple as pasting a sticker!

BRING A BIG BAG: You’re about to get mountains of stuff. Some shows give out t-shirts, notebooks, samples, literature, flowers, gifts, your purchases… so many things. You’ll need a way to haul them all.

REMEMBER YOUR CREDIT CARD/CHECKBOOK: Oh yes, I said it. I know you’re going to “just look around” but there is always someone that you’ll LOVE and wish you’d booked at the show. Just book them. You’ll be glad you did. Cross that to-do off your long list, and enjoy your day.

BRING YOUR NOTEBOOK/CALENDAR: Want to compare prices and services? Consult availability? No need to fumble if you’re ready.

BRING YOUR SQUAD: What’s the point in having a bridal party if they aren’t there to help you? Bring them along. We all need support in a crowd.

WEAR YOUR WALKING SHOES: What’s more overwhelming than a HUGE expo? Sore feet at a huge expo. Wear your comfiest walking shoes, tell your squad to do the same.

BRING YOUR OWN FOOD AND DRINKS: Not all bridal shows have a food court. To save yourselves from being hangry or having to leave and come back, bring some snacks and drinks. You’ll be able to power through and finish refreshed.

Want a peek at our bridal guide for more ideas?

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