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The Cost Breakdown (More or Less)

Updated: Feb 27, 2021

So. I just told you what you DON'T need at your wedding. Which is great, trim that budget.

What I'm about to tell you is going to blow your mind.

The average wedding is the same cost as a new Toyota. Don't believe me? Here's the breakdown.

I’m a wedding photographer by trade, and I can tell you for certain that the average wedding package starts at $2,000. (Clients have certainly spent more.) Our packages include a free engagement session, and even the wedding guest book as an option. The following prices are the average for Southeastern Idaho.

The average bride spends around $2,100 on the gown & accessories

Add guests in at an average $204 per person

Bridal hair, makeup, and nails: $350

Grooms spend $250 on that tux/suit

Jewelry: His/her rings $2,100

Flowers come in at $1,500

Food arrives at about $2,050

DJ’s run about $1,100

Officiants can be up to $500

Décor: $850

Venue is about $2,200

Wedding cake $500

Car service $300

Invitations & postage: $500

Hotel room: $350

Total: $15,600

What did we leave out? The bridal party. Expect to add at least another $950 per attendant.

Prioritized costs:

Photos, PHOTOS!!!!


Dress + Tux/Suit







I can hear you now. "Wait, WHAT! What about the invitations! What about the cake! What about…"

Hey now, we all have someone who can help us with DIY wedding costs. The only recommendations I have for DIY as a former bride myself is DON’T try to do your own food. DON’T try to do your own décor, DON’T try to do your own flowers, and be wary of anyone who offers to photograph for you for free. Everything else is pretty fair game. Experiment if you have a specialist in your group of loved ones. At the end of the day if you are married to the person you love; you have photos to prove it, and the ink is dried on that license then your wedding was a beautiful success.

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