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Preparing for your Engagement Portraits

Hooray! You're engaged! Now its time to plan the part that one half of your couple has been dreaming of, and the part that the other half of the couple has possibly been dreading. Engagement photos. It's ok. We've got your back. And it's fun. We promise.

So. Let's pick your location first. Your location will determine a lot of things: like the outfits, how far we need to plan in advance, etc. Our favorite outdoor areas to photograph are the national parks, old town, a snowy hillside, and of course by a river or lake. We will help you choose a location that is unique and meaningful to both of you.

Next, it's time for wardrobe. You'll want two outfits. A classy but casual outfit, and a more formal and dressy one.

Then comes one of the best parts. Manicures. For both of you! Listen, a lot of face touching and hand holding portraits will happen. Make sure your fingers sparkle.

While you are at your "spa day," prep your partner. You know, the one who isn't as excited as you are? Yeah. Get them excited. Show them photos you love. Once they see how important this is for you, they'll be on board.

You'll want 3 hair and makeup appointments before your wedding. Yes 3. The first is your initial consult. The test run. Then, you have your engagement run. I wouldn't recommend an updo, big soft curls are pretty popular for the engagement session. THEN the big day hair and makeup for your wedding.

Get your ring cleaned! This is the time to have a very sparkly ring!

Don't forget to relax and trust us. You don't have to be the pros at this. We do. We actually prefer to photograph non-models. (We are non-models ourselves!) It's ok to be nervous. We've got you.

Alright. All-caps time. DON'T BE LATE. There. We said it. We purposely plan your session to be about 2 hours before sunset. Why? Because that's when you get the best sunlight in the whole world. There are no studio lights on the planet that are as gorgeous as that "Godlight 5,000" (aka- the sunset.)

Your engagement session is when we do the practice for your posing on your wedding day. We will have about 2 hours to laugh and play at your engagements, and about 1 hour for your wedding day photos. By then, you'll be a pro.

Plan to go out to dinner after your session! You'll look and feel fabulous, why not celebrate!

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