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That Disc of Images Cannot Print Itself

As I waited for my family at our local big box store, I watched a sweet elderly woman come in with a disc to print her family photos. She told the employee about her grand kids, and how her daughter had mailed this precious disk of images so she could print what images she wanted. She didn’t know how the disc or the computers worked, but she really, really, REALLY wanted those photos. She had a lot of questions, which the employee was wonderful about answering. Then she went to present this precious disc. In seemingly slow motion, the disc slipped from her hands, and shattered on the floor. Frustrated and embarrassed, she began to cry. I could feel tears stinging my eyes as well.

As best I could, I bent and helped her scoop up the pieces. She looked into my eyes, which were also filled with tears and thanked me. Her parting words were what really let the tears flow freely. “Why didn’t my daughter just mail me the photos?” I didn’t have an answer.

We don’t just give our clients disks and wish them well. We take the time to show them the actual sizes of prints, canvases, metal prints, albums, and more. We have your photos printed and ready to send to grandma and grandpa. Instead of having to get herself to the store to print her own photos, grandma can flip through an album of printed photos made just for her. We do our best to answer every question you may have, and make sure that your whole experience is always full of joy and magic.

Our whole life is centered around family. Our family, and yours.

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