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Wedding Planning 101

This is the time when everyone is saying congrats! You’re engaged! We are here to tell you with all sincerity, we offer you our deepest well-wishes. You have found your soul mate. Let us and share a deep secret with you: the hardest part of your wedding planning is already over! When you've found your soul mate, the adventure begins. You get to actively work to make your dream day come true, and journey off into your happily ever after together. We are here to help you with a little basic direction.

  • Ready, Set, Pinterest!

  1. Decide on your wedding’s style with a little help from other dreamers and do-ers on the web. We love Pinterest.

  2. Find photos that you’d love to have after your ideal day. Make a board that you can share with your wedding party and photographers.

  3. Does a large wedding appeal to you, or a small intimate one?

  4. Ogle gorgeous gowns and tuxes. Beaches and farms. Seashells, mason jars, lace, chiffon, and satin.

  5. What kind of honeymoon do you want? White sand beaches? Alaskan cruise? Small cabin in the woods?

  6. Pin all the things. The sky’s the limit!

  • Based on your dreams, figure out your budget.

  1. Large weddings = larger budget. More seats, more food, more cake, more invitations, larger venue, more parking, longer photography and videography booking times, etc; it all adds up. If you both have a huge family, it’s best to figure that into the budget.

  2. Your honeymoon is important! This is the beginning of your new life as a brand new family. Don’t put your blinders on and budget only for your wedding.

  3. Let’s talk about your photography. It is the only tangible thing you will hang on your walls to remember your happy day by. You will likely see your wedding photos Every. Single. Day. Yes wedding photography can be expensive, and yes, it will be the most important documentation that you will celebrate daily for the rest of your life. Budget accordingly.

  • Your wedding photographer is a key player in how happy your day will be, and how the happy memories will be preserved. Professional photographers are priceless in the planning process. Your photographer can help you:

  1. Design and help you send your beautiful save-the-date cards.

  2. Photograph and create the most beautiful engagement photos to send with your invitations.

  3. Capture your heirloom bridal portrait that your own children will pass to their children with pride.

  4. Plan and create stunning bridal boudoir portraits that are for your soul mate’s eyes only. Cold feet? We think not.

  5. Create a timeline for your wedding day that will leave you relaxed.

  6. Photograph the most important day of your life. From hair and makeup, to that shining farewell from your loved ones.

  7. Compose your photos for thank you cards.

  8. Help you follow up with anniversary photos. 1 year, 5 years, 10 years… it’s truly amazing to take the time to celebrate your anniversary with a photo session.

  • Book these vendors as soon as possible:

  1. Your wedding photographer. Some pro’s are booked out a year or more. Research photographers whose style you love the most. Choose the ‘tog that makes you feel happy and relaxed. Interview plenty of wedding photographers! Your day is yours, and your photographer will be by your side for all of it. Your wedding photographer and their team is your hidden bridesmaid. Seriously.

  2. Videographer. Your wedding photographer can recommend a great one.

  3. Venue. Great venues book fast!

  4. Officiant- some require several meetings in accordance to laws and faith.

  5. Honeymoon. Trying to find flights? Give yourself about 6 weeks in advance for the traditionally better airfare.

  6. Bridal salon appointment. Some only do gown and tux fittings by appointment. There’s nothing worse than getting everyone together to find a gown, and arrive just to find that they cannot serve you.

  7. Entertainment

  8. Cake or confectioner

  9. Caterer

  10. Florist

  11. Decorator

  12. Hair & makeup artists

  13. Spa date (don’t forget to schedule a massage with your mani/pedi.)

  14. Car or limo service

  • Feeling overwhelmed? Hire a wedding planner. They are worth their weight in gold. We can recommend quite a few wonderful planners.

  • Relax, even if your flowers start on fire and your cake collapses; if you walk away from your wedding married to the love of your life, then it was a huge success. Congratulations.

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