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Welcome BWP Friends! You are invited to our studio for a customized personal branding session. You are not obligated to purchase anything. This $100 will be refunded to you after your session, if you'd like.


Why do we ask for this $100 guarantee? We are serious about taking the best photo of you that you have ever had in your life. This $100 is a guarantee that you'll love the way you look and feel in your session, and that fear of the camera doesn't hold you back from showing up. After you complete your session with us, we can give you your $100 back, or you can apply it towards your digital and print products. 


Here are some FAQ's:​

  • Do I get all the digitals for free? Your digitals come with every print you purchase, and digitals are sized to print up to an 8x10. Every purchased digital comes with a release for you to use your images from us in your personal and professional life. 

  • Why do you ask for a non-refundable $100 session guarantee? We hire a hair and makeup artist, we sometimes rent gowns, we've also rented air BNB's, and we sometimes call a support team/assisitant, (and occasionally snacks) for you. It is expensive and a labor of love from us to you. It breaks our heart when someone no-shows, and this $100 helps you overcome any photography fear you may have!

  • What if I don't want to order prints? That's just fine! We sell digitals.

  • How long will my session take? Please plan for at least 2 hours for your personal branding session.


  • Can we fit me in around my work schedule! Yes! We have evening appointments available. 

  • Do you have any Saturday or Sunday appointments? The first dates that book in our studio are weekends, and the odds are very slim that we will have a weekend appointment. Our weekday evenings are the most open.


  • What are your studio holiday hours? We will be closed the week of Thanksgiving, and the studio closes for the year on December 6. Too soon? You are welcome to use your card through April of 2020. 

  • Can I exchange my card for cash? Cards are not redeemable for cash, and cannot be combined with any other offer. 

  • I lost my card, can I still redeem the offer? Cards must be brought with you to your session for your booking to be valid.  Don't lose your card!

  • Can I apply the card towards a different kind of session?  Cards are only good for the offer presented. 

  • Can I bring my mom, or sister, daughter, or best firend to be photograohed with me? Absolutely! We love to photograph relationships. Please add $125 per additional guest, and allot an extra hour for each. Support guests who will not be photograhed are free, but we do ask them to not use their own electronics for personal photos. 

  • I found two cards! Can I combine them for more prints or digitals? We can only honor one card per session.  

  • What is included in my session? Your card is a gift for you to come to our studio and have the experience of a custom portrait session. This includes: hair styling, makeup, and photos. You will have the option to later purchase your prints and digitals. If you do not love your experience or photos, we give you your $100 back. 


  • Whoops! I forgot I had an appointment with you. Can I reschedule? You bet! You'll just need to make another $100 Session Guarantee deposit. 

  • How do I redeem my booking? Click ADD TO CART on this very page!




One Who Hopes Photography

200 S. Main St. Suite N. Pocatello


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