Digitally Lost

My personal facebox page is occasionally blessed with posts I call “Now it’s Time for Brooke’s Unpopular opinion” To which, I expect full push-back; but then people agree with me and honestly that’s the most surprising part.

Anyway. I am now blessing the blog with these posts, and you’re welcome in advance. 3 Opinions. Let’s go.

  1. Clean thong underwear can be used as emergency hairbands. You’re welcome. (Dirty ones could work too, but then the wearer would be a genuine butthead and honestly I’ve braved the Wal-Mars parking lot; and can assure you the world could do with fewer genuine buttheads.)

  2. I actually loathe designing my own Christmas cards. If I’m feeling particularly salty, I imagine how they will look in someone’s trash can. Majestic, I’m sure.

  3. Your digital photos are disposable, and liable to not last more than 5 years.

Whoa, that escalated quickly. What the H-E-double-hockey-sticks just happened?

I went there, that’s what. Your digital photos are like a single sheet of paper floating in an ocean of hazards.

If you aren’t printing your photos, they technically don’t exist. Yep.

Let me prove my point with only slightly scientific and mostly anecdotal evidence.

Scenario 1.) Hi my name is Brooke and I had a baby in 2014. I had her newborn photos taken and got the beautiful disc and theeeeennnnn… I lost it. Bye disc of precious pictures, byeeee. Like 99% of the rest of us, it went where all discs go and I can only hope they are all happy together. What was my saving grace? Before I lost it, I took the disc and got the photos printed and WHABAM! The photos were still on my printing account. I had the lab make me another disc. I lost that disc too. BUT- I still have the prints. Neat and beautiful and hanging on the wall. My precious peanut, who looked EXACTLY like her sweet daddy at birth.

Scenario 2.) I don’t really need prints, I’ll just save the pictures to facebox and I’ll always have the memories. Ok so. A few issues with this logic. One, wait until you lose your phone or spread that spam email and are either locked out of your account OR your account is deleted. I’ve seen it. A close bestie of mine actually lost all of her sons’ baby photos and videos because someone reported her account as fake. Think it won’t happen to you? Think again. Second issue: your kids and grand kids and their kids are not going to inherit your facebox account. They’ll be on to some futuristic new form of social media and you’ll be riding the dinosaurs with the rest of us. Remember 8 tracks? Cassette tapes? CD’s? Pay phones? VHS? Blockbuster? Floppy discs??? Yeah. I remember them too, actually my eye involuntarily twitches because of some of it.

Scenario 3.) My photographer will just save them, and I can get them from the photographer later. Oh boy, you’re playing with fire on that one. There are only 2 kinds of sessions that I do my best to save indefinitely. Weddings, and live births. That’s it. Why? Because our studio takes about a million photos each year, and our costs to clients would be monumental if we tried to save each and every file. The ONLY other time I save a digital file is when my client buys their wall sized print, because I guarantee their prints for life. Of course we back up to external hard drives, and clouds, and data storage services. But, technology is consistent in how it both upgrades and improves, and how it consistently and completely fails us. Our new computer cost six times what we paid for computers in the past, and it does not even have the ability to read a disc or a standard jump drive. I was startled. For the same price I could have bought a mini van that could at least read a CD! Now I have a beautiful hard drive full of photos that we can’t access. So far we’ve been to 4 tech stores, and none of them have a solution for us. Do I still have the photos? Yep. But can I access them in an instant? Nope. Would I love to print those off for past clients and bless them with their prints? You betcha. But now, we have to search and wait, and hope that somewhere out there the right solution shows up.

So, how do you protect your legacy? I only have one answer: Print. Print them all. Even the silly cell phone photos. Buy the professional photos from your photographer. Yes. Spend the money for those precious photos. Remember, you are hiring a commissioned artist to create a custom masterpiece just for you. Do not trust the things that require electricity to work. We aren’t promised tomorrow.

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